الاثنين، 26 مايو 2008

My Lovely Weekends

My last one:

crying and just crying, 48 hours of continuous crying; one crying is ended, another one is opened

I kept fighting with all my family, I kept yelling and crying, it was very bad just to spin in the same circle for the sake of nothing.. cause no one seems to understand you after all.

The feeling was awful, feeling that you mean nothing to yourself and you mean nothing to your community and surrounding people.

You just keep asking yourself: what did I did wrong? Where was my mistake? At the end you discover that Freedom and the Big Talk about your own choices is a Big Lie, no such freedom in our society especially for the girl, it is just a big lie, how bad is that!!!

My current weekend:

Work and work and work
Cleaning up all the mess my brothers made during the whole week...
Cleaning up all the everlasting dust (no matter how much did I clean up, just give the dust 30 seconds, and it will be back there I don't know how, it is confusing!!)

Putting the winter clothes back into their bags, getting out the summer clothes, keeping the in between clothes out considering the transitional weather ( summer with cold nights and vise versa)...

Making the ultimate decisions as in every year: which clothes to keep and which to throw away or give to some people they need more?? and hesitating in such decisions, I hate this stage of cleaning up!!!!

Washing the carpets and curtains; cleaning and cleaning and more endless cleaning, and not forgetting the fights and loud shouts in between:
you come and do this!!! who moved this one out?!!! why did you do that?!!!

How stupid you are !! I told u not to do it :)

And as a custom of each year, I keep putting my weather clothes back into their bags, hoping that the next year I would be in my own home , for almost 8 years I am doing the same routine work and nothing happened, I remind my self this time not to do it again :D

I was discussing buying a new mattress for my bed today with my brother, we were discussing their prices , I told him that I wouldn't mind buying an expensive one if its quality is OK...

he said: why would u do that? U won't be here for long time!! I laughed and told him about the weather clothes idea I had today he laughed too, considering the idea to be worth thinking of.

At the end, if i am gonna consider my weekends according to my Master Thesis work achievement, i am gonna give them "A Big ZERO", for that the ADSL net connection" and thanks for ORANGE company for their distinguished services" kept disconnected for these two weekend days.

I wasted most of my mobile credit calling the support ppl ; and finally, after switching the modem many times and turning the modem off and on many times too, the nice guy on the phone told me that: the support guys work only till 5:00 pm , and since this Sunday is off because of "Jordan Independence Day", I have to wait till Monday to get my connection back!! LooL

Tough by Monday my weekend would be ended and I have to get back to my Work in Amman, sorry dear Master Thesis I think you're gonna wait for sometime that only God knows when to get accomplished, Oh my God !! What weekends I have!!!

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انا مش حرة يقول...

thats nice weekend and its just to make u sure taht u live in one of our families, and dont worry about buying a ner mattress coz u must buy it for urself now not for a certain and unexpected time

غير معرف يقول...

hi ya fandem:\
maled depressed keda leh
anyway u asked me couple of days ago whats wrong with me and i piublished a real story i wish u reaD IT AND THEN U'LL KNOW WHY I AM NOT HAPPY LATELY

sozan يقول...

I think it's normal weekend for all the women in jordan so don't feel lonely my dear ...
for the mattress buy it and when you get married take it with so what ?
I hope one day we well live out of thinking all the time about marrige as siluation for our problems but i can't blame you for that i was like this too

blackcairorose يقول...

Believe me this sort of weekends is familiar to millions of others. It was typical even when I was living in one of the most interesting places on earth.
When there is vaccum inside there (I point out where my heart is) everything else seem meaningless no matter where you are or how boring our duties are.

Buy the finest mattress. Never satisfy with a less-than-good stuff
thinking that you might not need it in the future.

Jordan, Irbed dusty???!!!
You should visit Cairo to appreciate the very clean atmosphere where you live my dear.

Sherif يقول...

Poor Myassi

But this a typical girl's weekend
work !!

Irbid Dusty ?!! in Egypt, especially in Cairo, we live in a big big muffler .. in addition to dust ..there is pollution as well

When you move to your own home with your funny and high quality mattress, inshallah soon, rest assured .. things would be just as troublesome

Now that we don't face troubles .. How would we enjoy moments of
success and achievement ??

Say cheese we're gonna capture
your ever smile

مياسي يقول...

انا مش حرة
yea sure my dear, our lovely famlies that u keep fighting all the time for nothing u know ;-)

i am considering the matress u know especially after the salary raise LooL

مياسي يقول...


I read ur story and waiting for the rest where it is?

being depressed is the right thing to do these days i guess

wish u best days my dear

مياسي يقول...


yea a normal weekend indeed but i guess what really matters is the Thesis issue above all

second comment about matress, i will have new one but i am not gonna take it with me any way, i like to seperate lives LooL

even if u tried to keep the marriage as a solution out of ur mind ;the nice caring soceity won't let u do it, they keep remind u about it every moment

nice to know u had the same idea too :D

مياسي يقول...


thanx for ur nice words, i guess u mean that i shall only consider myself no matter what and that is what i am planning to do

about the matress, it includes everything else ;u shall always buy ur self the best

I did not visit Cairo yet, hope to do so one day, then i shall compare the clean atmosphere as u say my dear , if it was that dusty i shall go crazy if i live in cairo from dust!!!!

مياسي يقول...

Uncle Sherif

thnx for nice comment and OMG!! every one is considering the Matress issue only do not know why??!!

yea it is normal weekend but My mood is not ok that is all, and btw in the old days i was so honest with cleaning, now i just do what it takes nothing more nothing less.

As i told BCR when i came to cairo inshalah i shall judge the dusty thing in addition to many other things i hear about Egypt

thnx now i am smiling for the life camera but with my tounge out LooL!!!

Qabbani يقول...

things always happen :)

my last week was just a great one :)

any way i wish u a nice days

مياسي يقول...


My last weekend was great too, welcome back to jordan again:)

My last night weekend was disaster, i spent the weekend in great mode then the rest of he night was so bad!!

Indeed: el 7elo ma bekmal