الأربعاء، 19 مارس 2008

Why To Blog ??!!

Why should I do Blogging?

Is it because I need to comment on other people blogs; so I need an entity?
Or is it because it became some kind of fashion, something like your mobile or e-mail account and recently: your face book?

Or maybe because a lot of people asked me to have one?

Actually I do not know, I thought about it for a while;then I came up with something: that I really need a space,this week was so bad for me that I had noticed something:

I need a space, yea a space!!!

A space for my self, I feel bad about myself and many other issues
A lot of things are hurting and I need to get myself a break

Another thing I had noticed lately, I keep forgetting ; My memory is turning to be so bad, by doing Blogging I can keep the small moments and ideas for me, well at least till I delete them or some nice hacker guy steals them LooL!!!

Any way, reasons do not matter, I did it and created a blog,let us see if I am gonna continue with it Or as always,Like all my projects get bored and forget all about it:D

Hope not , I will wait and see , who knows,God Only maybe !!!

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غير معرف يقول...

the blog related to the nature of each owner
in one blog you can find many one!!! in one!!
or one blogger have 4 blogs!!!
like me :)

i use my blog because i have a group of ideas i must,i must and i must to prove it

i use the other 3 blogs to give ppl what i have in my major of computer because some people in this world gave me what i have like this way!! -as a free -so i have to return it as a free!!

in your blog you can share your ideas in :
Literature science policy doctrines ideas your philosophy -like what i try to do now!!- grief creating ideas and refute ideas!
so i think we have to be careful
by the way ..smart question!

good luck

مياسي يقول...

Thanks for ur nice comments

But 4 blogs and no single specific id?

just want to know who are u

and yea give ppl knowledge for free is something i admire cause i had learned by this way too

thnx for ur passing again

غير معرف يقول...

yo.. 10x for thoughts.